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Whats the difference between your Antivirus & Automatic Patching products?

Each of these programs do a different, if complimentary job.  The Antivirus is the main protection again malware infections infiltrating your computer.  The Automatic Patch updating program makes the Antivirus’s job much easier by making sure that all of the security weaknesses in Windows as well as in other common 3rd party programs are fixed.

Will I receive an installation CD in the mail?

No.  All our products are available in digital download format.  This means that you can start enjoying the enhanced protection immediately after purchase.  The download link to your product/s will be included in an email which you will receive shortly after completing checkout.

I am still using Windows XP. Will your products work with this operating system?

Yes.  Our software is compatible with 32 or 64 bit versions of the following Windows Operating Systems: Windows XP (With Service Pack 3), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10.

Can I use your Antivirus by itself without the Automatic Patch updating program & vice versa?

Yes absolutely.  Each of these programs are ‘standalone and can be used in their own right.  If you already have an Antivirus program of your own we would strongly encourage you to buy our Automatic Patch updating as it is a unique product that will greatly enhance the security of any computer.

Should I uninstall my old Antivirus before installing this one?

Yes definitely.  It is never a good idea to have 2 different Antivirus scanners on a computer at the same time so uninstall your old one & then reboot your PC before installing ours.