A different approach to Antivirus

Managed Antivirus is different from the others.  With Managed Antivirus your security is actively monitored and managed to make sure you have the latest virus definition updates & that threats are dealt with swiftly.  More work for us, less for you!

Award Winning Protection

Our Managed Antivirus offers you highly effective virus protection combined with very low impact on your precious system resources

Managed Antivirus : Award-winning Security

Premier protection defending you & your family online from today's theats...

Latest Low Impact Design

Managed Antivirus provides a powerful level of virus protection but yet with very low impact on system resources.  Many antivirus programs traditionally slow your computer down noticeably, but we have taken pains to ensure this does not happen.  Add to this one of the simplest user interfaces in the industry!

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Antivirus & Automatic Updating: The 'Dream Team'

With new vulnerabilities announced every week and hundreds of different programs running on your computers, deploying updates automatically & quickly is critical maintaining the health and security of your systems.  Antivirus software by itself is no longer enough.

With our automatic Patch Management tool, you can kiss goodbye to Windows updates, stop worrying about security on your devices - and start relaxing while we take care of the work for you - ensuring all essential system updates are applied!

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