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Our Anti Spam is offered as a cloud service that is hosted and maintained directly on our backbone network. E-mail destined for you is routed through our filters & cleaned thoroughly

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Is Spam E-Mail Overwhelming you?

Discover the best way to eradicate junk & dangerous email with the strongest cloud based Antispam solution from VirusRemoval

Our Antispam automatically checks your messages using a variety of different filter layers. 'Clean' messages then arrive safely with you. Messages that are infected with a virus or detected as spam are placed in quarantine from where you can force their delivery if desired. In this way your mail server is relieved of unnecessary loading by spam and infected e-mail

  • Enterprise Performance

    Its simple.  We catch more spam with substantially fewer false positives than other spam filtering solutions

  • Simple Setup!

  • Realtime Tracking

    Sender behaviors are tracked in realtime to assess their reputation.  This is a crucial part of our filtering process

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Do you have time to sort though all your junk e-mail every day?

Can you be sure you won't click on a dangerous e-mail and infect your network?

Stop spam now.  Subscribe to our robust, affordable anti-spam filtering service.
Divert banking, phishing, ransomware and virus attacks away from your network.  Keep your staff productive, not wasting time wrestling with their inbox every day

  • Rule Based Filtering

    Our spam filtering system doesn’t use computer algorithms that spammers can circumvent.  Instead we use a unique rule based system created by real humans!  This results in superior accuracy

  • Total Email Security

    Filters out harmful spam which contain viruses, phishing and malware email attacks.  A great layer of defense again the new ‘Ransomware’ attacks which steal your data


  • Excellent Uptime

    Our network has been carefully engineered from the ground up to provide redundancy at every point. Only premium networking hardware & bandwidth providers are used to ensure you get a reliable service

  • Always Updated

    team of real people are working around the clock each & every day creating new antispam rules to overcome the constant barrage of new tricks that spammers & hackers are using

  • Total Control

    Easy access to your online Control Panel where you can review the spam quarantine and manage your settings ensuring that no good email is ever lost

  • Best Value

    Other services charge extra for every email box on your domain, or require you to set up a separate account for each of your domain aliases.  We don’t.  Your subscription covers unlimited email addresses on your domain

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See What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Antspam Service

Real feedback from our customers

Since installation in our business, unsolicited emails have virtually disappeared. What’s more, our computers aren't getting infected as often. We enthusiastically recommend.

Postmaster,  Fastnet Rl UK

I have been pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of this service.  I am now realizing just how much spam I was actually getting.  I am self employed & this saves me an average of an hour a week which I can use more gainfully elsewhere.

Tom Hartley, Beaufort, SC

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